HostGator Features

HostGator offers many of the same web hosting features other sites do, but sometimes it can be useful to learn a little more about them. This article gives you the blow-by-blow on two sets of features that are key to website development: site builders and applications and scripts.

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Having at least one site builder kind of goes without saying for shared hosting. What it is (what they are) and how it/they work(s) can be pretty important. Here’s what HostGator offers (there are so many, that I’ve put the URL with each one to help you keep them straight).

The Site Builder (aka Parallels Plesk Site Builder)

This website builder is free to all customers with HostGator accounts. It has a step-by-step web-based wizard that makes creating a website easy, and requires no technical knowledge. On the other hand, it has limited design options, and you can’t customize what you get very much. Where it can get complicated is using the Sitebuilder with Addon domains, but HostGator provides directions for that. The version currently offered is 4.5.0, and there is a limit of a 99 page site using it.


All customers with HostGator accounts can use the 4450 templates on the site for free.  The templates are categorized by business types (accountants, camping stores, electronics) and hobbies (animals and pets, art). Personal pages is also a category. There are two types of templates: (regular) website templates and enhanced Flash templates. Each template is tagged with its designer’s name (or pen name). Templates are editable, but knowledge of HTML may be required to make desired changes.

BaseKit Suite Builder 

BK Basekit is available for customers with Linux Shared and reseller hosting plans. There is an external BaseKit server that can be accessed through cPanel . BaseKit uses widgets to allow you to add things o your site. There are content widgets, form widgets, social widgets (for Twitter and RSS feeds, for example), template widgets, text block widgets, and image widgets. You can also add media and files

Parallels Web Presence Builder 

This site builder is available on the Plesk Control Panel for those with HostGator VPS and Windows Dedicated Hosting. It requires Plesk 10.3 or higher and is meant to succeed Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder, which is still available to all plans. There is a link to the User’s Guide on the following page:

            Site Studio

Offered to customers with Linux Shared and Reseller hosting, Site Studio version 1.6RC3 does not require knowledge of coding or designing or use of FTP. Content and design are stored separately, so you can change your website look and leave the content intact.

HostGator Content Management Systems

Through its free scripts, HostGator offers content management systems (CMS) that can be used to build websites. These include WordPress, which is also used as a blogging platform, Joomla! and Drupal. Shaping the CMS to your desired can be done with themes, add-ons, extensions, or by using knowledge of CSS, HTML, and PHP. 

HostGator Scripts and Applications 

Scripts are offered through QuickInstall and Fantastico.


QuickInstall is available to all shared and reseller hosting customers. QuickInstall has billing software, blog software, calendar software, chat software, CMS, directory software, eCommerce software, eLearning software, ePortfolio software, forum software, gallery software, guestbook software, mail software, project management software, push software, social networking software, support software, survey software, and wiki software. 


Available with all shared and reseller plans and Linux dedicated servers, Fantastico De Luxe offers scripts for blogs, classifieds, CMS, customer service, discussion boards, eCommerce, FAQ, hosting billing, image galleries, mailing lists, polls and surveys, project management, site building, and wikis.

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